Introduction to Metallurgy...a Metallurgical Tutorial

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Introduction to Basic MetalsThis is a steel industry beginner or introductory metallurgy tutorial on steels and metals from coorosion and galvanic corrosion to steel.

This is an introductory metallurgy tutorial on metals to give people a basic metallurgical understanding of metals and steel. This tutorial even covers galvanic corrosion of steel.

This tutorial is presented here for the benefit of all who work with parts, components, equipment, and assemblies made from metal and steel, so you can appreciate the what they do for us in every aspect of our lives.

We are not here to make you into a metallurgist or metallographer.

This training tutorial requires no registration, fees, or gimmicks.

As a basic-introductory tutorial, the introduction to metallurgy...a metallurgical and steel tutorial cannot possible address every requirement or corrosion orgalvanic corrosion and this introductory tutorial was never intended to but itwill cover important aspects of corrosion and galvanic corrosion. It does highlight important and key issues, for a more in-depth training course visit Industrial Training School: Metallurgical Principles.Pressure Vessel Failure of Weld Requiring Metallography

Industrial Training School offers a Basic Metallurgical Course and Metallurgical Principles Courses by Correspondence.



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